Himachali winter apparels you can pull off this winter

So, winter is almost here and while some of us are just prepared to run on endless cups of tea and fantasising about tugging ourselves in our blankets, there’s a whole other kind of people who are looking forward to pull off their winter wardrobe. You can’t deny that you all have that one friend who has a cupboard full of winter apparel whether it’s overcoats, pashminas, leather jackets and what not while you spend all your winter in one sweatshirt.

Maybe this time you can surprise your “always ready for winters” friend with your authentic traditional Himachali outfits.  I call them authentic because they are woven in Himachal and traditional because of course they are different from our regular sweaters and jackets. Here are some pure Himachali winter apparels that you can include in your wardrobe.



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The Shawls in Himachal are woven in Kullu and Kinnaur and to maintain their authenticity, these shawls are named after the districts (Kullu and Kinnauri shawls) government.




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Dhoru is a kind of shawl that has geometrical patters on it which have religious meanings and the colour of the threads show the elements of nature.


3.Himachali Topi:

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These colourful caps are made of cotton and have various designs. They look very elegant with kurtas and half coats.



4.Chamba Scarves:

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These scarves have a unique embroidery called Chamba roomal embroidery. It’s said that cast metal work in Chamba is practised since bronze age period. These scarves can be easily recognised from their bright embroidered border.



5.Lahaul shawls:

Pic Credit: Holidify

Lahaul shawls are known to be the most colourful shawls of all, designed with Buddhist influences.


Let your winter wardrobe get a little traditional touch this year and I bet you’re going to love it. Happy Winters! 😊


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