Effective Tips to protect your skin and Hair from Holi Colors

March begins with Holi this year, so be Holi ready & if you are scared of what damage these colors will do to your skin and hair, I have listed some tips to make the most of this festival. So, protect your Hair and skin this Holi, follow these simple steps.

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  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen & make sure you use an SPF 50+ sunblock to prevent yourself from the direct exposure of the sun. This way you can avoid tanning and other skin problems.
  • For your ears and lip, you can use Vaseline or lip balm respectively to keep them moisturized throughout.
  • For Dry skin, apply moisturizer underneath sunscreen so that your skin doesn’t get irritated.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, so keep drinking water, juice or glucose.
  • You should oil your hair well before you start playing. Coconut oil and olive oil are fine options to protect your hair from harsh colors.
  • Braid your hair or tie it up.  Loose hair will retain a lot more color which takes longer to wash out and more shampoo, which could dry the scalp.  If water guns and balloons are being used, tying up hair could protect it from breaking.
  • Don’t wear lenses when you go out to play. While Holi colors cause irritability, lenses have a tendency to absorb the color, thereby making things worse. Wear glasses and keep wiping them clean from time to time.
  • If your scalp is sensitive, add some lemon juice to water and massage the scalp.  Doing this will help to minimize infections that could happen due to chemicals in the colors.
  • Use more of red or pink colors, which can easily be taken off. Colors like purple, green, yellow and orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.
  • Try to cover your head with a thick scarf or bandana.
  • An hour prior to playing Holi, apply cold cream on your skin as it will add a protective layer from the colors, making it easier to rinse away later.


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andamento borsa trading online opzioni digitali For Skin:

1.Make sure to use cold water to remove colors from the skin rather than warm water as warm water solidify the color.

2.To remove/avoid itchiness, use a combination of glycerine with rose water on your face and rinse it with warmer water.

3.Do not bleach, wax or go for facial or clean ups for at least a week. Give your skin and body some time to recover from the damage.


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1.The first thing to do as soon as you hit the shower is to rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water to make sure that the color washes out.  Then use a mild shampoo followed up with a good conditioner.

2.If you find that the color doesn’t come out in the first wash, let it be and shampoo in a couple of days.  Make sure to oil your scalp and hair before doing so.

3.Go easy on the shampoo during this time so that the scalp and hair don’t get too dry.


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