7 Interesting Saree Draping Styles every girl must know

All the ladies in the house! The wedding season is around the corner and you must be going crazy choosing what to wear as there are so many functions to attend. In the event that you are outfitted with the most wonderful sarees in your wardrobe, utilize them further bolstering your good fortune to make everybody go obsessed with your style explanation. To rock every wedding you attend, you must know that there are numerous saree draping styles, aside from the normal method for wearing the ulta pallu in Nivi style, these styles can make even one single saree appear to be unique wherever you wear it. All things considered, here is your guide on the best way to wrap your saree in various ways, a guide that will definitely help you.


7 Interesting Saree Draping Styles every girl must know


1.Nivi style Saree (basic wrap style): This is one of the easiest, simplest and swift draping style.It is the most common way of draping the saree.It’s most suitable for working ladies as it is comfortable and takes less time to drape.





2.Pant style saree:

This is one of the Indo western style saree draping. There’s no compelling reason to wear a petticoat under this rather you will require some tights in lower leg length or jeans & when you drape the saree make sure the length of the saree is shorter than your regular one.Opt for well tight pants at the waist and tuck the first short end of the saree in them. Make clean 5-6 pleats and wrap it around and bring it back to the front. Manage to tuck all the ends properly when you’re wrapping it around your waist. Now make 3-4 pleats for the pallu and cross it your left shoulder. Let the saree lose from the end of tucking so that it makes a deep U on the right side of the waist as shown in the image.



3.Mermaid saree draping style:

In spite of the fact that it is reasonable for all body sorts, shapely ones have a tendency to get the favorable position here. The lower segment of the saree is hung to look more like a skirt and gives a thinning look to the wearer. This style is especially great if the pallu is overwhelming or the fringe is decorated.



4.Bengali saree draping style:

It is one of the least demanding approaches to wrap a saree however a definitive look may appear actually! It is a style that includes two wide creases and a substantial key ring with keys to hold down the twofold wrapped pallu. This style is best worn with handloom sarees or light cotton ones, however, you can attempt with a brocade saree also.


5.Front Pallu style:

Front pallu is a great choice if your saree has pleasant work on the pallu or an overwhelming fringe pallu. To accomplish this look, tie the saree on underskirt with peats as you do regularly. At that point take the pallu part and let it circumvent you under your hands. To keep it at put, secure it with pins on both sides of your pullover. Presently crease the pallu let it go under your left hand and expedite it cleared out shoulder and stick it. Toward the end, it should look like what you find in the photo. This is extremely wearable and slick look.



6.Short floating style:

A little alteration, you can keep the palla creased a little on your elbow to keep your arms free. The saree is wrapped similarly with creases in the front. This style of saree draping is very similar to Nivi Style. You just have to leave you palla free in order to let it float and it gives a very elegant yet beautiful look.


7.Deepika Padukone style- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani style:

Being motivated by the on-slant form appearance by Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani with a blue saree, which conveyed bunches of thoughtfulness regarding the stylist who made the saree looking arousing and just yet inventively. The saree wore by Deepika Padukone had the bends out at the hip by the best fringe and a tight wrap at the front body.




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