My Top 5 Nail paints for this Festive Season

 Hello everyone,

I have picked 5 nail paints of my choices for you all to flaunt this festive season.I hope you all like them.These nail paints would instantly change the way your nail looks & gives a quick makeover to your nails.Let’s look at these nail paints quickly.


1.Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polish: falling in love

Price: INR 475 for 15ml.

Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polish gives your nails a gorgeous color.It has a gel-like finish. It glides on your nails smoothly and gives you a flawless finish.The Shade Falling in Love is the prettiest color amongst all the colors of this range.It Stays on for around 10 days.It is compact and durable.



2.Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Enamel – Pink Ruffle 152

  1. Price: INR 199 for 9ml.
  2. Treat the girlie girl in you with this soft, pink hue! Nykaa’s Pink Ruffle is the kinda pink that all the girls Love. Put it on your nails and flaunt it like never before.It is affordable, looks gorgeous on nails and what not.It doesn’t chip for 4-5 days.It is completely matte nail paint and it dries very quickly.



  1. 3.Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Paint: 778 rosy sand


Price: INR 350 for 10ml.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Varnish has a curved brush giving you precision in your application. It gives rich colour and high shine. Enriched with Iron & Calcium compounds. Lasts up for up to 7 days with top coat touch-ups.




Up to Down: Dusky Azalea, Rosy sand, Pink ruffle, Vanilla crisps, Falling in Love.



4.Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Lacquer – 192 Vanilla Crisps

Price: INR 199 for 9ml.

Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Lacquer in Vanilla Crisps is as classic as it gets. If you think you going to pass this sweet treat, better change your mind. It is an affordable option to style your nail.It suits all the skin tones.It has a long applicator to make the application easier.



5.Nykaa Floral Carnival Nail Enamel – Dusky Azalea 129


Price: INR 179 for 9ml.

Nykaa Floral Carnival Nail Enamel – Dusky Azalea has a creamy finish which gives opaque color in only one swipe.It stays on nails for 5-6 days without chipping.It gives rich and gorgeous color to flaunt.









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